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About Us

Hello! I'm Cristina, and if you allow me, I want to briefly tell you our story.

More than 10 years ago I discovered an exciting world: that of scented candles and handmade soaps.

What was initially just a hobby ended up becoming a true passion. This passion for things well done has become the driving force that has driven me to embark on an exciting adventure.

Throughout all this time, I have invested in my professional growth, attending courses and workshops, sharing enriching days of study and research with professional colleagues.

These experiences have allowed me to reach a point of maturity and experience that have finally led me to make the decision to take the big step and launch "Mommy's Soaps & Candles" on the market.

Each of my products has been carefully made with care and dedication, always faithful to my initial idea of ​​offering artisanal products of the highest quality. But, above all, I have made sure to imbue them with a touch of affection that makes them unique.

The opening of my online store has been a significant milestone in this exciting journey.

And the opening of the physical store in Calafell, the realization of a long-awaited dream.

Each scented candle and each handmade soap that you will find in "Mommy's Soaps & Candles" is the result of many hours of experimentation with mixtures, traces, fragrances and oils, always seeking perfection in aromas.

My goal is for my creations to become your daily companions, to provide you with moments of relaxation and well-being while you study, immerse yourself in a good read or simply enjoy a moment of peace with yourself.

I am Cristina, and I have put all my knowledge and passion into every detail of "Mommy's Soaps & Candles".

With great affection, I wish that you can bring a little piece of my world to your home, and that you experience the charm and magic behind each product that leaves my hands.

I invite you to discover the quality and warmth of my handmade creations, and I hope you find in them that special touch that you are looking for to accompany you in your daily life.

I welcome you to my world of aromas and sensations!



Our philosophy

our commitment

Why do we use Soy Wax?

Our responsibility

We are aware of the impact we generate on the environment, which is why we only use Cera 100% Vegetal, from organic and environmentally friendly agriculture.

We renounce waxes derived from petroleum, such as paraffin, since it is derived from a mineral oil obtained from a compound that comes from petroleum and coal. 

We use Braided Wicks composed of 100% cotton and recycled paper, composed of a set of 2 cores that vary depending on the number of filaments to give more or less thickness to the wick.

We also use walnut wood wicks, 100% ecological and eco-friendly.

In addition to being ecologically friendly, candles military They delicately perfume the environment even without being lit, for two main reasons: 

Because they are scented with top quality fragrances and because they have a lower melting point, they preserve the aroma better, releasing it more gently and in a more stable way.

Did you know...?

only the 5% of the candles that are made in the world are made from vegetable waxes? the rest are manufactured from petroleum derivatives, with the consequences for our planet that this entails.

The entire process of making our candles is 100% handmade, from start to finish.

We do not use any automated or mechanical process, this allows us to be 100% Eco Friendly, and Respectful towards the environment, since we do not generate noise pollution or emit toxic gases into the environment during the entire process of making our candles.

Our packaging is 100% recyclable, so we encourage you not to throw them away and reuse them. If each of us fulfills our part of the responsibility, we will make this world a definitely better place!

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