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The influence of aromas on work performance

The sense of smell is an ally that you have to relate to the environment. Odors are capable of activate some regions of your brain, such as the limbic system, and regulate aspects such as memory, learning and emotions.


Aromatherapy is a form of alternative medicine that uses essential oils and other aromatic materials in your favor.


Its objective is to restore the physical and psychological well-being of a person; influencing brain activity through smell.


This means that certain aromas they may be useful to you while you do your daily work, whether remotely or in your office.


The different aromas can help you reduce the stress accumulated during the day or increase your work performance; Some fragrances can help you improve concentration or as a complement to a good morning mindfulness session to start the day with energy.


Have you noticed the satisfaction you feel when you walk into a room that smells great?


Now imagine that in your work, surely the level of energy with which you start your day will be different.

An office with a stimulating fragrance improves your mood and that of the people who share your space.


This is the effect that fragrances have on the limbic system as they have a positive impact on the emotions of everyone in the office.


A refreshing fragrance activates concentration and creativity.

Your work productivity will also benefit since your attention will be fully focused on work.


In short, the aroma you have in your office can become an aid to improve performance and mood.


In future posts we will talk about different fragrances and the impact on our daily lives...

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