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The Myth of Persephone

We have created a special collection of candles with flowers that we have named Persephone, given its wonderful floral and captivating aroma.

Here we leave you a version of the Greek myth of Persephone and the reason for the origin of the seasons of the year.

...Persephone is the daughter of Zeus and Demeter (daughter of Cronus and Rhea, sister of Zeus, and goddess of fertility and wheat).

Her uncle Hades (brother of Zeus and god of the underworld), while walking through the limits of his domain, sees the young woman, falls madly in love and decides to marry her, but faced with Persephone's refusal and the prospect of not being able to have her. , in a fit of desperation, decides to kidnap her.

The myth goes that the young woman was picking flowers in the company of her friends, the nymphs and father's sisters, Athena and Artemis.

Just at the moment when Persephone was about to pick a lily (according to other versions a narcissus), the earth opens and Hades takes her through the crack and kidnaps her to the underworld to make her his Queen.

In this way, Persephone becomes the goddess of the Underworld.

Apparently, the abduction was carried out with the help of Zeus, but in the absence of Demeter.

They say that for this reason, Demeter fell into a deep depression, failing to fulfill her divine obligations, consisting of the cultivation of the land. He dedicated himself to searching for his daughter, wandering the world looking like an old woman.

Zeus warned that the lives of the earth's inhabitants were in danger because the earth had become infertile, so he decided to mediate with his brother to free Persephone.

He agreed, but he saved one last trap. He made it a condition that Persephone should not consume any food until she left the underworld.

The day Demeter arrived in the underworld to pick up her daughter, after facing the Styx and the Cancer Bearer, Hades planted passion fruit on the way back.

Prey to hunger, Persephone fell into the temptation of consuming up to six of those seeds, violating the laws of the underworld that punished anyone who consumed its products by staying there.

Thus, Hades got Persephone to spend six months each year in the Underworld with him, one for each passion fruit seed consumed.

Legend has it that the origin of Spring lies precisely in this episode, because when Persephone is taken to the Underworld, the flowers become sad and die, but when she returns, the flowers are reborn due to the joy that the young woman's return causes them.

As Persephone's presence on earth becomes cyclical, so does the birth of flowers.

On the other hand, during the time in which Persephone is kept away from her mother Demeter and confined to Tartarus, or underworld as wife of Hades, the earth becomes barren and the sad season of Winter ensues.


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