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Citronella - Our best ally in summer

Citronella is a most valuable plant in perfumery and aromatherapy.


This is because there are multiple uses for Citronella thanks to its intense citrus and aromatic smell.


As for the benefits of Citronella, these range from its antiseptic to antifungal properties.


To all its virtues, it is worth adding its natural 'repellent' action, a factor that makes this aroma one of the summer favorites.




Despite the multitude of inventions used to get rid of mosquitoes and their bites, Citronella is a plant that has been used since time immemorial to scare away different flying insects, including mosquitoes.


The Greeks and Romans already used aromatic plants to repel mosquitoes, which is why Citronella is one of the most used natural remedies on the market.


Unlike others, Citronella does not kill the mosquito, but its action is much simpler and more effective; Thanks to its intense smell, it masks any odor that may be attractive to mosquitoes and, in this way, makes the mosquito move away and lose interest in everything that is in that location.


With the arrival of heat and the approach of summer, mosquito infestations are getting closer and closer.


For this reason, it is essential to provide yourself with Citronella aroma in any of its variants, since this plant, in addition to mosquitoes, also scares away other insects,


Do you want to know what they are?



In addition to its effectiveness against mosquitoes, Citronella fights other flying insects such as flies and wasps. If you can't stand the presence of flies or fear the painful stings of wasps, Citronella is your best ally.


To all of them, we must add its effectiveness in scaring away clothes moths, one of the true enemies of our favorite clothes and our closets. Thus, if you usually easily find moths inside your closet and you cannot get rid of them, use this natural repellent.


In Spain, the number of existing insect species amounts to 40,000, so it is most important to get the most effective repellents.


Leaving aside all those insecticides that are full of chemical compounds that are harmful to both the environment and our health, there are numerous methods of natural protection, like Citronella.


As for the benefits of this plant, in addition to scaring away mosquitoes and a multitude of insects, it will help you clean and perfume the environment of your home. 


When it comes to protecting yourself and aromatizing your home, at Sweet Spell Candles we have an exclusive collection of Citronella CandlesIf you are passionate about scented candles, we have several sizes, for indoors or outdoors, capable of creating an environment with the most pleasant citrus aroma while scaring away mosquitoes.

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