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2021 - Year of the Ox in the Chinese Horoscope

To honor this noble animal, which will rule the destinies of an important part of humanity this year. we have cast our sail"Wild spirit", this is the story of why he is second in order of arrival in the Chinese horoscope... enjoy it!

2021 - Year of the Metal Ox

China celebrates its Lunar New Year, the 4,719th for them, in which the country's inhabitants say goodbye to the 'metal rat', the animal that protected them since January 24, 2020, to make way for the 'metal ox'. '.


An animal, a symbol of prosperity obtained through values ​​such as effort, work and tenacity, which becomes the ambassador of a very positive year at work.


While in the West we have twelve zodiac signs, the horoscope in China is represented by twelve animals. On the occasion of this new year, the golden ox takes over from the 'metal rat' and will be in charge of watching over the inhabitants of the Asian country until next February 1, 2022, when the turn of the water tiger will arrive. .


Therefore, all those people born during this year will receive attributes such as patience, tranquility and work ethic. 


According to legend, the ox was the second of the twelve animals that completed the race called by the Jade Emperor. After the rat got up very early to get to the emperor's temple first, it had to face a river that prevented it from moving forward.


Since she was too small to cross the river, she looked for other options to move forward. After waiting several hours in front of the river in search of a solution, the rat saw that the ox began to cross through the center of it.

Taking advantage of the fact that the ox could move along the river without any problem, the rat jumped onto its ear before its attentive gaze, which, however, did not give it much importance.


When he finished crossing the river, the rat jumped off the ox's ear and ran to beat the rest of the animals.


Meanwhile, the golden ox arrived a few minutes later and became the second animal to arrive at the temple to become one of the guardians of the Heavenly Gate and it is for this reason that it is the second in order of arrival.


As the legend tells, The ox is an animal that stands out for its deep patience and tranquility.. And, despite the fact that the rat climbed onto his ear to cross the river, he did not give it any importance and ended up losing the race because of it.


A personality that those born under this sign have inherited, who also stand out for other characteristics such as diligence, reliability, strength and determination.


This way, Those born under the symbol of the ox attach great importance to both family and work. Oxen are honest, sincere and very hardworking. A series of characteristics that allow them to be innate leaders. Its methodical capacity and order become some of the characteristics of an animal that will watch over all of us until next February 1, 2022, when the time of the water tiger will arrive.

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